DragonMu Boss Battle Map

DragonMu S18P1-3

Grand Opening 31.December

News 20.05.2023 - Server Opening 20.MAY

DragonMu S18P1-2

PVE damage up to 2mil

Apocalipse set Season 18
News 09.01.2022 - Apocalypse Sets Sets

Free Ghost Horse for all

In inventory

DragonMu Season 18
News 03.09.2022 - Free Horse

Updates V5

New updates added, to play run DragonMu Updates.exe to play the game! Or download manualy from HERE and extract over old game client!

Fixed Apocalypse Dark Knight Helm no wearable for Illusion Knight
Increased 3D camera frustum to prevent 'monster stuck'
Fixed Game client gets stuck when clicking server select button
And more reported issues



Updates V4

New updates added, to play run DragonMu Updates.exe to play the game! Or download manualy from HERE and extract over old game client!

Fixed Crash and DC issue
[ADD] Play Time event as a part of Anniversary Event
[FIX] Exp bar color display according to character class
[FIX] All players getting kicked from Boss Battle event when at least one player leaves the event before the start
[FIX] Exp increase for Pets does not work in certain scenario
[FIX] Same harmony option is being granted to item occasionally


DragonMu S18 Part 1-3 Update & Merge

DragonMU is being updated to Season 18 Part 1-3! New server X99999 will be opened 31.December!

Experience: Regular x99999, Master x99999, Majestic x99999

Reset ingame 400lvl stats stays: 10Wcoins, 1000 Ruud Per reset, command: /reset. No reset limit
Grand reset: 150 Resets, 5000 Wcoins reward, Resets burns, stats stays! In website!

Ertel Upgrade rates 100%, just farm the components, All item Level up upgrades 100%
NPC Jewels, Boxes, Exc Weapons, All skills

Get top level and get reward: get 1450 lvl and type ingame: /level1450 to Get Angel & Devil wings
Spots: All maps 5mobs, 1 Hotspot each map 10mobs
PVP servers with NONPVP maps: Arena, Tarkan, Karutan, Deep Dungeon1, Blaze Kethotum
Points per level: regular, Master points per level: 2

StarterGift: Lucky set lvl1 +15, and Panda pet +Panda Ring

Custom jewels, events, game commands!

Auto Combo system! Socket items on +15 with any 5 sockets enabled custom options!

Mix rates:
Soul + luck 100%, Without 75%
Life: 70%

Chaos machine for regular items & Earrings: 100%
Errtels/Pentas level up: till 100%

Ice Wind Valley: Daily Rewards 2000 WCoins to guild master and 2000 WCoins to guild members
PVE: Buffed monsters, takes full stats to conquest last maps. Can solo PVE top maps.
PVP: Balanced on full stats with decent gear! PVP time ~3-6 seconds!

Useful commands:

Quest Evolve command = /evo
Open Shop Anywhere = /npc
Open Warehouse Anywhere = /store
Decrease Strength = /decstr, Decrease Agility = /decagi, Decrease Vitality = /decvit  Decrease Energy = /decene  Decrease Command = /deccmd
Clear Inventory BAG Included Pets = /deletemyitems,  Clear Event Inventory = /cleareventinv    
 Offlevel = /offlevel  Offtrade= /offtrade
 Anti-lag System commands= /antilag

[NEW] Brilliant (8th) Mastery Weapons and Shields
[NEW] Apocalypse (9th) Mastery items
[NEW] Crismon Apocalypse Sets
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Map
[NEW] Ignis Volcano Regular and Elite Monsters
[NEW] Illusion Night Jacquard Muun
[NEW] Artifacts System
[NEW] Artifacts Chaos Mix
[NEW] Boss Battle Event
[NEW] Renewed Imperial Guardian Event From 1000lvl
[NEW] Max Master level extended to 1100
[MOD] Renewed Decomposition System
[FIX] MuQuest system has been remade to support all existing quest types and system functionalities

Server is located in Singapore



Updates v2 Item drops

New patch for socket custom options is added, run DragonMu Updates.exe to get the latest patch

Updates on game drop have been made, all drops has been improved. Droplist on web HERE




Dragon Mu Online Season 18 Update is here

Dragon Mu Online has succesfully updated to Mu Online Season 18 with new character Illusion Knight!
All server data, characters items are saved and succesfully migrated to new Season 18!
To play download new game client from DOWNLAODS section!