DragonMu Boss Battle Map

DragonMu S18P1-3

Grand Opening 31.December

News 20.05.2023 - Server Opening 20.MAY

DragonMu S18P1-2

PVE damage up to 2mil

Apocalipse set Season 18
News 09.01.2022 - Apocalypse Sets Sets

Free Ghost Horse for all

In inventory

DragonMu Season 18
News 03.09.2022 - Free Horse

Found Drops

Rate: 100%, Item Count: 3
Sword Breaker
Rune Bastard Sword
Sonic Blade
Cyclone Sword
Blast Break
Pantera Claws
Devast Claws
Paring Short Sword
Novakura Short Sword
Dragon Blade
Blood Blade
Frost Mace
Absolute Scepter
Horn of Steal
Frost Rune Mace
Light Road Runic Mace
Magmus Peer
Rectuus Lance
Russell Light Lance
Dark Stinger
Angelic Bow
Devil Crossbow
Devilwood Quiver
Weiwen Magic Gun
Cannon Magic Gun
Eternal Wing Stick
Deadly Staff
Inberial Staff
Summon Spirit Stick
Miracle Staff
Spite Staff
Wise Magic Book
Legendary Magic Book
Spinel Orb
Almandin Orb
Crimson Glory
Salamander Shield
Frost Barrier
Guardian Shield
Lazy Wind Shield
Light Lord Shield
Dark Devil Shield
Magic Knight Shield
Ambition Shield
Grace Shield
Constant Shield
Eternal Wing Helm
Titan Helm
Brave Helm
Seraphim Helm
Divine Helm
Royal Mask
Hades Helm
Tigris Helm
Grace Helm
Eternal Wing Armor
Titan Armor
Brave Armor
Phantom Armor
Destroy Armor
Seraphim Armor
Divine Armor
Royal Armor
Hades Armor
Tigris Armor
Grace Armor
Eternal Wing Pants
Titan Pants
Brave Pants
Phantom Pants
Destroy Pants
Seraphim Pants
Divine Pants
Royal Pants
Hades Pants
Tigris Pants
Grace Pants
Eternal Wing Gloves
Titan Gloves
Brave Gloves
Phantom Gloves
Destroy Gloves
Seraphim Gloves
Divine Gloves
Royal Gloves
Hades Gloves
Grace Gloves
Eternal Wing Boots
Titan Boots
Brave Boots
Phantom Boots
Destroy Boots
Seraphim Boots
Divine Boots
Royal Boots
Hades Boots
Tigris Boots
Grace Boots
Constant Helm
Constant Armor
Constant Pants
Constant Gloves
Constant Boots
Fidelity Helm
Fidelity Armor
Fidelity Pants
Fidelity Gloves
Fidelity Boots
Trace Helm
Trace Armor
Trace Pants
Trace Gloves
Trace Boots
Titan Gunner Helmet
Titan Gunner Armor
Titan Gunner Pants
Titan Gunner Gloves
Titan Gunner Boots
Stormwinger Helmet
Stormwinger Armor
Stormwinger Pants
Stormwinger Gloves
Stormwinger Boots
Magic Flare Helmet
Magic Flare Armor
Magic Flare Pants
Magic Flare Gloves
Magic Flare Boots
Bright Helmet
Bright Armor
Bright Pants
Bright Gloves
Bright Boots
Finesse Helmet
Finesse Armor
Finesse Pants
Finesse Gloves
Finesse Boots
Geist Helmet
Geist Armor
Geist Pants
Geist Gloves
Geist Boots
Primal Helmet
Primal Armor
Primal Pants
Primal Gloves
Primal Boots
Apex Helmet
Apex Armor
Apex Pants
Apex Gloves
Apex Boots