DragonMu Boss Battle Map

DragonMu S18P1-3

Grand Opening 31.December

News 20.05.2023 - Server Opening 20.MAY

DragonMu S18P1-2

PVE damage up to 2mil

Apocalipse set Season 18
News 09.01.2022 - Apocalypse Sets Sets

Free Ghost Horse for all

In inventory

DragonMu Season 18
News 03.09.2022 - Free Horse

Updates V10

A new update has been applied to server, to play run Updates.exe from the game client or download the patch manually HERE

[FIX] Cloak Damage Increase option of third skill tree did not work for Illusion Knight class
[FIX] HP is not set to valid value after move among servers when any of HP bonus present
[FIX] Selected events start time mismatch by 1 min
[MOD] Changed event scheduler module for Hide and Seek plugin (file structure changed)
[FIX] Personal Store vulnerability
[FIX] Ancient option 'Increase 15% wiz damage' did not work correctly
[FIX] Damage barrage for selected skills did not display correctly in game: chaotic Diseier, Gigantic Storm, Fire Burst, Lighting Shock, Ice Blast, Flame
[FIX] Artifact options did not apply after character switch or reconnect
[FIX] Shining Tail guardian '3% chance of health recovery' option displayed increased by 0
[FIX] Top accumulated damage reward for Boss Battle Together event was not applied correctly
[FIX] Third set of artifact option did not work
[FIX] Selection of Artifact options did not work correctly
[FIX] Cash Shop gift was not sent when gift message exceeded 40 characters
[FIX] Game client performance loss during Castle Siege event
[ADD] Reworked Party Matching to resolve general issues with the system
[ADD] Support of cross-channel Party and Helper move (work on regular and siege game servers only)
[FIX] Invite Friend (to party) option from Friends list was not working
[FIX] Players getting unexpectedly kicked from Imperial Guardian event
[FIX] Bound Bless of Light being used by MuHelper before expiration of already applied buff
[FIX] Rare scenario where Ruud could be nulled upon enforced character disconnection
[MOD] Changed scheduler for Boss battle Together event  now every 6hours, ticket in Lorencia Bar NPC


Published by Admin 21/03/2023