DragonMu Boss Battle Map

DragonMu S18P1-3

Grand Opening 31.December

News 20.05.2023 - Server Opening 20.MAY

DragonMu S18P1-2

PVE damage up to 2mil

Apocalipse set Season 18
News 09.01.2022 - Apocalypse Sets Sets

Free Ghost Horse for all

In inventory

DragonMu Season 18
News 03.09.2022 - Free Horse

Updates V6

New updates added, to play run DragonMu Updates.exe to play the game! Or download manually from HERE and extract over old game client!

Gates do not appear at a specific stage/day of Imperial Guardian event
Boss Battle entry warps to Varka entrance
/event command result shows inaccurate timing for selected events
Added Knock Back effect when dying from Combo
Fixed Max speed configuration for IK class
Game client crash upon performing specific chaos mix
In-game Helper improperly managed use of potions for non-master class characters
Duration info did not appear on selected buff icons at the top of game scene




Published by Admin 13/02/2023