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Dragonmu S14 Update
News 02.02.19 All countries wellcome! /post /gpost ENGLISH only!
Dragonmu opening event
News 20.02.18 3 Worlds Of Epic Gaming
Dragonmu new items
News 20.02.18 Max stats 32000, 250resets for Grand Reset


Sell And Buy Items


# Item Merchant Price + Tax (1%)
Exc. Piercing Groove Boots
inventory 30 Credits
Exc. Iris Armor +9
Masterrr 25 Credits
Wings of Heaven
Masterrr 15 Credits
Wings of Satan
LVRagana 15 Credits
Exc. Black Dragon Pants +1
TheOne 5 Credits
Exc. Holy Spirit Helm +8
TheOne 10 Credits
Exc. Dark Soul Gloves
TheOne 5 Credits
Exc. Dark Phoenix Armor
TheOne 5 Credits
Exc. Iris Pants
TheOne 5 Credits
Exc. Dark Soul Helm
TheOne 15 Credits
Bloodangel Elf (Ene) Helm
TheOne 25 Credits
Exc. Bloodangel Wizard Pants
TheOne 81 Credits
Exc. Black Dragon Boots +4
TheOne 10 Credits
Exc. Black Dragon Helm +3
TheOne 5 Credits
Exc. Dark Phoenix Pants
TheOne 15 Credits
Exc. Grand Soul Pants +6
TheOne 15 Credits
Wings of Eternal +15
Taurus 1818 Credits
Exc. Red Spirit Armor
Kabweset 5 Credits
Exc. Red Spirit Helm
Kabweset 15 Credits
Exc. Thunder Hawk Boots
Kabweset 15 Credits
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