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Swamp of darkness

Swamp of Darkness

  • 1) Entering the Swamp of Darkness
    • (1) Characters at Level 800 or higher may enter.
    • (2) Click and enter "Swamp of Darkness" from the Movement Order window (Hotkey M).
      Cost: 20,000 Zen
    • Swamp of Darkness Map
      • (1) Swamp of Darkness consists of five elemental fields: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Darkness.
      • (2) You can go to any of the elemental fields using their designated gate from the safe zone.
  • 3) Swamp of Darkness Monsters (Normal)
    Swamp Ent
    Swamp EntElementEarth, Fire, Wind, Water, Darkness
    FeaturesSwings its powerful arms like axes to attack enemies.
    Capable of mid-ranged attack.
    Wooden Beast
    Wooden BeastElementEarth, Fire, Wind, Water, Darkness
    FeaturesA melee attack monster that swings wooden fists that it has hardened over a long time.
    Swamp Wizard

    Posted23 / 04 / 2019

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