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Swamp of darkness

Swamp of Darkness

  • 1) Entering the Swamp of Darkness
    • (1) Characters at Level 800 or higher may enter.
    • (2) Click and enter "Swamp of Darkness" from the Movement Order window (Hotkey M).
      Cost: 20,000 Zen
    • Swamp of Darkness Map
      • (1) Swamp of Darkness consists of five elemental fields: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Darkness.
      • (2) You can go to any of the elemental fields using their designated gate from the safe zone.
  • 3) Swamp of Darkness Monsters (Normal)
    Swamp Ent
    Swamp EntElementEarth, Fire, Wind, Water, Darkness
    FeaturesSwings its powerful arms like axes to attack enemies.
    Capable of mid-ranged attack.
    Wooden Beast
    Wooden BeastElementEarth, Fire, Wind, Water, Darkness
    FeaturesA melee attack monster that swings wooden fists that it has hardened over a long time.
    Swamp Wizard
    Swamp WizardElementEarth, Fire, Darkness
    FeaturesA ranged attack monster that moves around slowly and wields magic.
    Resides only in the Earth, Fire, and Darkness areas.
    MutantileElementWind, Water
    FeaturesCarries around a long weapon that it swings to attack enemies. A ranged attack monster that moves very quickly.
    Resides only in the Wind and Water areas.
  • 4) Entering the Boss Zone
    • (1) You can enter the Boss Zone using the gates in the Fire (12, 158) and Water (241, 91) areas.
    • (2) There are no entry requirements, and anyone can enter the zone and hunt the Boss.
    • (3) However, it only holds 10 players at a time.
  • 5) Boss Monster
    Swamp Monster
    Swamp MonsterUsing the power of earth, this monster summons beasts, like new life springing forth from the ground.
    Has a sharp-shaped mouth.
    Inflicts Poison Debuff on characters.A skill that summons Swamp Monster_Summoned Beast.
    Summoned Beast of Swamp Monster
    Summoned Beast of Swamp MonsterThis summoned beast is similar in appearance to the Swamp Monster.
    It's smaller than the Swamp Monster, but it's quite powerful.
    Belches out fumes to attack enemies.
    The fumes will spread out in a fan shape, dealing damage to all characters within the range.
    Water Monster
    Water MonsterIt gets stronger by absorbing the power of water.
    Attacks enemies using water, the source of life.
    WaveWater StreamHeal
    Sends waves in a straight line to attack enemies.Deals damage by causing a stream of water to pour down from the sky.Moves toward a water object and uses heals to restore HP.
    God of Darkness
    God of DarknessThe God of Darkness is surrounded by dark energy.
    It's the last boss whose power proves its qualification as a god.
    It has become even stronger by devouring everything.
    Uses its long arms to attack enemies.
    Strikes the ground with a weapon glowing with flame.
    As soon as the weapon disappears, the ground splits and flame shoots up from below to attack enemies.
    Attacks enemies with its body wreathed in black fumes.
      • (1) The Boss monster appears at in every 2 hours after killed.
  • 6) Boss Status Alert
    5 minutes before the Boss appearsThe Boss has appeared.There's no Boss.
      • This will let you know whether the Boss is around or not from the safe zone in the Swamp of Darkness.

Posted23 / 04 / 2019

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