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Ferea map


  • 1) Ferea
    • ? Ferea is a kingdom that used to exist in Tarkan on the south of Kanturu, where
      architecture and arts developed, so that antique structures and artworks can
      be found at various locations in the area.
      Ferea Knights pacing around in Ferea are waiting for heroes of the MU continent.
    • [Ferea’s geographical location]
    • [Going to Ferea]
      - When character's level is 400 or above
      • ? You can go to Ferea through Map Travel window.
      • ? You can enter Ferea through Tarkan Safe Zone [176,38].
      • Ferea Area/Monsters
      • ? Ferea is an elemental area with monsters that have 'fire', 'water', 'earth', 'wind' and 'darkness' elements. FereaArea.png[Gate Coordinates]
        • ? Red Gate : [198.173 → 107.67]
        • ? Blue Gate : [201.155 → 199.137] 
        • 1) Knights of Ferea
        • (1) Ferea Knight
    FereaKnight01.png[Ferea Knight]
    Ferea Knights fight in the vanguard with their swords
    and shields.

    Heroes who represented the Knights of Ferea before
    the Great Tarkan Earthquake, they are still loyal to Ferea
    even without their consciousness.
    They are the first to wield their swords at the Lorencia
    Knights and heroes of MU continent who enter Ferea.
    Melee monster divided by five elements.
    Their stamina and attack damage are balanced.
    Attack Damage
    (2) Ferea Fighter

    Posted23 / 04 / 2019

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