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Darkangel Mastery Set

Mastery Darkangel Set

  • 1) Sealed Stone Shard & Darkangel Set
    • (1) Darkangel Set Item Crafting Preparation
      - Basic Combination Material
      • ? Unsealed Bloodangel Set Item Level +11/16 JOL Option or above is the basic
      • ? When creating Darkangel Set Item, equipment part and class are dependent
        on that of the Bloodangel Set being used as basic material.

      E.g.) You can create 'Courage's Darkangel Knight Gloves' when you use 'Fury’s Bloodangel Knight Gloves’ as the base material.

      - Sealed Stone Shard
      • ? The expendable material Sealed Stone Shard can be purchased from Ruud
        Shop NPC James [32.239] at Elbeland, and can be used as combination
      Sealed Stone Shard
      SealedStoneShard01.pngIt is a shard of a Sealed Stone used at 'Devil God Sealing Operation' by
      Etramu and Kundun for sealing Dark God Sekneum. It has a trace of wizard
      Etramu's and Sekneum's magical powers. However weakened, the magical
      power is too much for even the heroes of MU continent, so that one of the
      12 apostles of light, James, hands it out to only the chosen ones
      who can handle the power.
    • (2) Darkangel Set Item Combination
      Mastery Darkangel Set Item Combination Settings
      Basic Combination
      Combination Material
      Jewel Combination
      Success RateResult
      (when successful)
      Level +11/16
      JOL Option
      or above,
      unsealed Mastery
      Sealed Stone
      Jewel of Bless
      Bundle +0
      Jewel of Soul
      Bundle +0
      Jewel of Chaos
      Jewel of Creation
      100%Level +0/0
      JOL Option
      ?? You can create 'Courage's Darkangel Knight Gloves' when you use 'Fury's Bloodangel Knight Gloves' as the base material.

      Basic MaterialExpendable Material

      Posted23 / 04 / 2019

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