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4th level wings and combination

    • 1. 4th Wings
    • 1) Equip Wings
      • (1) You must be Level 1 or higher and have completed the 4th Class Upgrade to equip this item.
    • 2) Combine Wings
        • (1) +13 or higher 3rd Wings can be used as materials to combine.
        • (2) As with the 3rd Wings, the 4th Wings can be made through feathers and wings combination.
      ItemsRateCombination Material Items
      Garuda's Feather60%+13 3rd Wings with Option 4 or higher
      Higher Magic Stone
      Jewel of Chaos Bundle (30)
      Bundle of Jewel of Soul (30)
      Bundle of Jewel of Bless (30)
      Bundle of Jewel of Creation (30)
      4th Wings40%Garuda's Feather
      Garuda's Flame
      50 Golden Crests
      Higher Magic Stone
      Jewel of Chaos Bundle (30)
      Bundle of Jewel of Soul (30)
      Bundle of Jewel of Bless (30)
      Bundle of Jewel of Creation (30)
      • Using a Talisman of Luck will increase the max success rate by additional 10%.
        • ① This works the same as with the 3rd Wings.
        • Wing Option
    • 3) Features of Wings
      • DMG Increase / DMG Decrease
LevelDMG IncreaseDMG Decrease(Dark Lord) DMG Decrease
      • Additional Random Options
Available OptionstLevel
Increase Mana Full Recovery RateLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
Increase HP Full Recovery Rate
Increase Enemy DMG Return Rate
Increase Enemy DEF Ignore Rate
Increase Excellent DMG Rate
Increase Double DMG Rate
Increase Attack (Magic) Speed
Increase Strength
Increase Health
Increase Energy
Increase Agility
        • ① When wings are made through successful combination, 1 - 4 additional options out of a total of 11 options will be added.
        • ② Option values will also be determined at random.
          • a. The options values have 4 levels, and different values can be added to the same option.
      • Additional Element Options
        • ① You can add an element to the wings through Adniel, an NPC in Elbeland.
        • Wing Element
        • ② Materials for Adding Elements
          • a. 4th Wings
          • b. Rank 1 Errtel
            • The success rate for getting an additional element increases with the enhancement grade.
            • Regardless of the type of Ertel, additional options will be granted when successful.
          • c. 9 Golden Crests
          • d. 3 Higher Magic Stones
        • ③ "Add Element" has a chance to succeed or fail.
        • ④ If successful, the "Added Element DEF" option is created by default, and one additional element option may be granted at a certain chance.
          • a. You can gain 1 - 2 additional element options including the basic element option.
Increase Elemental DEFAdditional Basic Option
Increase Elemental DMGOne of the following can be added.
Increase Elemental Attack Success Rate
Increase Elemental Defense Success Rate
Elemental DMG (II) +%d
Elemental DEF (II) +%d
Elemental Attack Success Rate (II) +d%
Elemental Defense Success Rate (II) +d%
        • Wing Elemental Level Up
          • Wing Element
          • ① Materials for Wing Elemental Level Up
            • a. 4th Wings to which an element is granted
            • b. Elemental Rune
          • ② The added element can be leveled up using "Elemental Runes," just like the enhancement of Errtel.
          • ③ If it is unsuccessful, the element level of the Wings will be lowered by 1.
            • a. Previously Level 7 -> Successful -> Level 8
            • b. Previously Level 7 -> Failed -> Level 6
    • 4) Class-specific Wings
      Angel Wings
      (Dark Wizard)
      Heavens Wings
      Devil Wings
      (Dark Knight)
      Flame Gods Wings
      Genius Wings
      Celestial Bodys Wings
      Destruction Wings
      (Magic Gladiator)
      Annihilations Wings
      Control Wings
      (Dark Lord)
      Dominators Cloak
      Eternal Wings
      Other Worlds Wings
      Judgment's Cloak
      (Rage Fighter)
      Judgments Cloak
      Eternity Cloak
      (Grow Lancer)
      Isolations Cloak
      • (1) Wings will look more glamorous as their enhancement grade rises.
      • (2) Your wings grow more majestic in appearance at Normal/+13/+15.

    Posted23 / 04 / 2019

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